REACH International Athens is a nonprofit program in Athens, Georgia, associated with InterFACE (iFace) Ministries, a non-profit educational, Christian organization.  We partner with local churches to connect international students and scholars with culturally sensitive Americans who enjoy cross-cultural friendships and the open exchange of ideas. All REACH activities are open to international students, visiting scholars, and their families regardless of race, nationality, or religious preference.

We are committed to introducing international students, visiting scholars, and their family members to families and individuals in the Athens, Georgia area who desire to share Christian hospitality with others and experience cross-cultural exchange with neighbors from around the world.

Did You Know…

More than 2,500 international students from over 125 nations across the globe are currently studying at UGA and other nearby colleges.

Many of these students will never be invited to visit an American home during their stay here.

Even less will be invited to visit an American church, yet many students and visiting scholars would like to observe a Christian church service as a cultural experience.

Surveys have found that genuine friendships with Americans are ranked as one of the top desires of international students!